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Construction Project for Sumela Monastery

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary. We have established a Project to construct new buildings next to the Sumela Monastery in Trabzon, Turkey. As you may know, this is an ancient monastery with great religious and historical value. The Christain community in Turkey must act now to save this wonderful part of Christian history. Our aim is to construct an area where pilgrims can live the Christian history (386AD – 1922) of this region.

Our goal is to open this area to all visitors in order to promote and sustain our Christian faith.

Our building will contain:

  1. A church dedicated to all local saints where visitors can celebrate mass and pray
  2. A library where visitors can learn about the Christian history of the region.
  3. A guest house for all visitors.
  4. A museum filled with icons and religious items that can help people to understand the history of this area.
  5. A Meditation Center and Activity Hall for all pilgrims etc…

This is a beautiful natural area filled with various foliage; a wonderful place to meditate on one’s spirituality. Please visit our website: www.panagiasumela.org to learn more about the history of Sumela Monastery. We also want to invite you to come here to experience this area full of historical importance. We would be very pleased to accompany you to Trabzon, Turkey. You will appreciate the urgent need for prayers and monetary help to realize this Project.

We sincerely thank you in advance for any and all help you can give. Please find below the bank account information.

Bank Account:

Finans Bank / Yeşilköy Branch

  1. IBAN: TR810011100000000025497731 ( EURO)
  2. IBAN: TR550011100000000025497714 (USD)
  3. IBAN: TR130011100000000025497694 (TL)
  5. BRANCH CODE: 00908

For more information:

Andreas Elefteriadis
(+90) 212 573 0310
(+90) 212 573 0311
(+90) 543 673 4252
Cümbüş Sok. No 8 – Yeşilköy /İstanbul – Turkey